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Bears In The Studio

The Hard Rock Bears and I got our first look at the studio from the inside after Mickie the Brickie finished the side walls today. It really is an awesome space, and we are all so excited to get a good look up close. The general response was enthusiastic and positive, apart from Angus who complained about the cold!

Big Ted and the Hard Rock Bears on Trestles

Big Ted and the Hard Rock Bears on Trestles

Another Brick in the Wall

A big day on the build site today, with walls going up on the slab. We can now see where the doors and windows will be located. As usual the bears were watching as Big Ted got involved. Harley did a spot of climbing own his own too!

The bears sang several choruses of “Another Brick in the wall” from Pink Floyd just to keep things rocking!

More brickwork expected tomorrow…

Bears Checking Out The Slab

It has been a quiet day on the site today, while we wait for the slab to cure. I took the bears to see the space and work out where everything will go.

Big Ted Showing round The Band

Big Ted Showing round The Band

From left to right, that is Angus our lighting engineer, me, Harley the drummer, ‘Art’ Osborn Bass Guitar, Pierre ‘The Bear’ Artan (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar) and ‘Fritz’ Barratt our Recording Engineer. The Band were excited to see where they will be able to rock on and record their next video. Angus wanted to know where the beer fridge would be located.

Pouring The Slab

Another good day on the building site. Here are a few more pictures of me helping the builders pour and level the slab.

Big Ted Inspecting the footings

Just inspecting the footings on the site of the new studio, and everything seems to be in order. Garden is a bit of a mess though, so my people have got a lot of work to do when this is all finished. After all, the bears and I have got to have somewhere nice to relax between takes!

Big Ted Inspecting the footings

Big Ted Inspecting the footings

Work Progressing On Site

Well, it’s the end of the second week on the building site, and the footings have been excavated. Here are a few pictures of me at work, with the bears watching from the sidelines, as usual!

Hard Rock Bears on the Building Site

Big Ted and the band are very excited, as work is finally underway on their new recording studio. After waiting for so long, they can hardly wait for the builder to finish so that they can lay down their next track.

Big Ted and the band supervising demolition

Big Ted and the band supervising demolition on the site of their new studio.

TechyTubbies at the Help For Heroes Easter Rally

As you know, Hero the Bear is raising funds for Help For Heroes, particularly supporting the TechyTubbies team from Bristol.

The TechyTubbies were at the Help For Heroes Easter Rally over the weekend, where they camped out in temperatures down to -7C!  You can see them in the Video below of H4H 4X4 Rally Easter Meet. The TechyTubbies are in the Land Rover 110 in front of the bright orange Freelander!

Go team TechyTubbies!