Monthly Archives: August 2013

Drive Day 4 Laying the Concrete

Today is concrete day, so we finished off some detailing and waited for the concrete to arrive. As the delivery was later than expected, I entertained the guys from NDC with some beverages and reading tealeaves.

Once the concrete truck arrived it was all mad activity, with me organizing everything to ensure that things were in the right place. The team worked well, and left us with a coloured and imprinted drive.

Finishing off the Shuttering

Day three of the drive rebuild, but the weather forecast is not good, so no concrete pouring today. Instead Ryan and I finished off the shuttering. Here I am during a brief lull in the rain checking the position of the post holders.

Big Ted Checking Post Holders

Big Ted Checking Post Holders

Drive Day 2 Hardcore

Day two of the drive resurface began bright and early with Ryan and the team from New Design Concrete turning up on time and ready to go. First thing after tea-break was to take delivery of a lorry load of hardcore, which I supervised of course.

Once the hardcore was dropped off, the remainder of the old concrete was loaded on to the grab lorry for reprocessing. Efficient hey?

Work Starts on the Drive

Today, work has started on leveling and rebuilding the drive which leads up to the studio. The guys from New Design Concrete (NDC) were here bright and early and started breaking up the old concrete, which did not take much effort it appears to me.

I provided words of wisdom and guidance about the finer points of leveling ground, as usual, as well as ensuring quality.

Led by Ryan, Steve, John and Stefan have been doing most of the hard work, while I supply the beverages (that tea, coffee and coffee extra strong, all white with two sugars!).

The bears are really excited to see the final phase of the studio build under way. After all, we have got to have somewhere to park the limo when we are famous!