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Hero the Bear on Final Mission for Help for Heroes

In commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War 2, the final Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally has started from Littlecote House Hotel in North Wiltshire.

This will be the ‘Final Mission’ for the Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally, and the objective for this year’s event will be to raise £1,000,000 for Help for Heroes. The event will follow the path and tell the story of the Allied Invasion through Europe, following the Allied Forces landings in France early on D-Day morning, 6th June 1944.

As with previous years, Hero the Bear will be accompanying Team Techytubbies, who this year have two entrants:

  • Team 22 TechyTubbies WsM
    Peter Harrison and co-driver Nichol Cross, with navigators Rhu and Ami
  • Team 24 TechyTubbies Martock
    Ed Edwards with co-drivers Vicki Edwards and Ryan Peacock

Here is Big Ted making final preparation for Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally 2015, with team TechyTubbies, with help from Arthur and Hero.

Big Ted and Art with Hero

Big Ted and Art with Hero

To follow the teams’ progress click on the following link to live event tracking using Skytag Eventview and select Team 22 and 24.

Big Ted in Terra Attack at Bristol Aquarium

Big Ted the charity fundraising bear and rock and roll superstar is currently traumatised after a routine marketing and publicity trip to Bristol Aquarium turned sour. While checking out the creatures in the Amazon section he was attacked by a rogue Terrapin which tried to drag him into the pool. Fortunately he was rescued at the last moment by the quick actions of Michelle, one of his people.

Big Ted Terra Attack

Big Ted Terra Attack

Earlier Big Ted had be pointing out the attractions to his marketing and support group who were in attendance at the time of the attack, unaware of the drama which was to follow.

Big Ted is recovering from his ordeal at an undisclosed location near Bristol. The Terrapin is reported to have returned to the Amazon tank without making any comment, and non the worse for the encounter.

Another Brick in the Wall

A big day on the build site today, with walls going up on the slab. We can now see where the doors and windows will be located. As usual the bears were watching as Big Ted got involved. Harley did a spot of climbing own his own too!

The bears sang several choruses of “Another Brick in the wall” from Pink Floyd just to keep things rocking!

More brickwork expected tomorrow…

Hard Rock Bears on the Building Site

Big Ted and the band are very excited, as work is finally underway on their new recording studio. After waiting for so long, they can hardly wait for the builder to finish so that they can lay down their next track.

Big Ted and the band supervising demolition

Big Ted and the band supervising demolition on the site of their new studio.

Hero At ASPT2013 Conference

Here are some of the pictures of Hero the Bear working at the ASPT2013 Conference.  More to follow once we get finished with Photoshop!

Help For Heroes Fundraising By Hero Bear

Hero the Bear has been fund-raising at the Avon and Somerset Probation Trust, in aid of Help For Heroes. At their staff conference he could be found collecting for the TechyTubbies, who are a group of IT technicians entered in the H4H 4×4 European Rally 2013.  All money raised will be going to Help For Heroes which is a charity (Reg no 1120920) which provides direct, practical support, primarily to those wounded in conflict.

Hero With Help 4 Heroes Collection Box

Hero With Help 4 Heroes Collection Box

If you want to find out more about the TechyTubbies you can catch them via the links below:
Twitter: @TechyTubbies
Facebook: TechyTubbies & H4H 4×4 European Rally

Search for other fund-raising By Hero Bear on Twitter: #HeroBear
Search Twitter for #BearsRock: #BearsRock
Find out about Help for Heroes at their website: Help for Heroes

Bear Metal Bears

Welcome to Bear Metal Productions – the production forelimb of the business bears.

Bear Metal Productions offer very reasonably priced HD video productions at a world-class standard. We have a full complement of production gear and directors with international experience in both the video and music industry.

Everyone knows that Filmmaking (or film production) is the process of making a video or film. Film making involves a number of discrete stages including an initial story, idea, or commission, through scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, and screening the finished product.

  • The Development stage – In Development the ideas for the film are created, rights to books or plays are bought, and we get together with our people and drink lots of beer. During this stage the screenplay or script is written.
  • Pre-production Preparations are made for the shoot, in which cast and film crew are hired, locations are selected, and sets are built. Sometime we get together and drink beer and practice the numbers for the shoot.
  • Production The raw elements for the finished film are recorded. After this stage we have the wrap party and drink lots of beer.
  • Post-Production The film is edited and sound effects are added, together with any other computer-graphic visual effects which can be digitally added. Usually we drink beer during this stage too!

If you are a bear with a musical idea for a video, or want to make an epic bear movie we can help. You may not just be interested in music video production; but as long as its cool we will shoot it.