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Fitting Out the Studio

The fitting out of the building shell continues getting ready for first fix electrics.  Lots of wood and screws for me to organize and make sure that my people keep the workforce supplied with refreshments. During one of the tea breaks I managed to get my zen head on and think about making some music in this new space.

Looking forward to a nice weekend off and relaxing in the sunshine.  I hope my people manage to get the garden tidied up a bit so the bears and I can get out and about!

Windows in!

Today we fixed the last of the windows, and with the doors in place and glazed the building is almost watertight. After a hard day on site I took some time to bathe in the sunshine and imagine  striking up the first chord!

Windows in! Big Ted relaxing in the sun.

Windows in! Big Ted relaxing in the sun.

Fritz does not care much about the windows being in place; he wandered off saying something like “Give me my Mac any day”!

Studio Roof is Finished

Despite a few interruptions from the rain, today I helped the roofers and my people put the roof tiles on the studio.  There are a lot of tiles, and of course the people did most of the heavy work, while I kept things organized and the project on schedule. We had plenty of tea breaks, and buiscuits to keep up the energy levels!

The view from up top is impressive!

Roof - Big Ted roof all complete

Roof – Big Ted roof all complete

Blockwork Finished Before the Rain

Well it was a race against the weather today, finishing the block work over the lintel before the rain set in. Fortunately with my help we managed it just before the clouds opened. See me lay the last block just as the rain started.

Big Ted on the Gable End

Weather better today so we got stuck into the gable end brickwork. Of course I helped Barry with the pointing, although he did most of the heavy work. Great view from up here on the roof!

Goodby Rainy Tuesday

Not a lot of progress on site today, as it has been raining most of the day. Roof trusses have been secured but that is about it. Feeling a bit blue, so I think I just might go and write a song; Goodby Rainy Tuesday!

Bears in Waiting

Not much has been happening on the new studio site since Mickie the Brickie left, and progress seems to have ground to a halt. According to Scott the builder, we are still waiting for deliveries of doors, windows and roof trusses.  The bears are looking really dejected and forlorn in this picture taken this morning as we wait for someone or something to arrive.

Bears Waiting at the window

Bears Waiting forlornly at the window for Scott the builder

From left to right, that is Angus, Fritz, Pierre, me (Big Ted), Harley, Art and Hero.  I gave them some inspiring words about the virtue of patience, and posted a quote from Napoleon Hill on Twitter.  Patience aside, please hurry up Scott!

Bears In The Studio

The Hard Rock Bears and I got our first look at the studio from the inside after Mickie the Brickie finished the side walls today. It really is an awesome space, and we are all so excited to get a good look up close. The general response was enthusiastic and positive, apart from Angus who complained about the cold!

Big Ted and the Hard Rock Bears on Trestles

Big Ted and the Hard Rock Bears on Trestles

Another Brick in the Wall

A big day on the build site today, with walls going up on the slab. We can now see where the doors and windows will be located. As usual the bears were watching as Big Ted got involved. Harley did a spot of climbing own his own too!

The bears sang several choruses of “Another Brick in the wall” from Pink Floyd just to keep things rocking!

More brickwork expected tomorrow…