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First Fix Wiring and Electrics

Today is first fix electrics, and I went through the specifications with John and Phil the electricians to make sure everything was installed correctly. We need plenty of power when we turn the amps up to eleven!

The bears helped me install some network cabling to make sure we can get a good broadband connection to upload our music and video tracks. Fritz measured and cut the lengths of cable, Angus coiled the tails up in the roof space to keep things tidy, while I pulled through to the wall locations.

Just before the end of work we took delivery of the soundboard for the walls and ceilings.  Those sheets are much heavier than standard plasterboard, in order to absorb the sound as the band rocks on.  My people worked very hard with Barry the builder to move it all in good time.

Big Ted Supervising deliveries

Big Ted Supervising deliveries