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Hero the Bear on Final Mission for Help for Heroes

In commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War 2, the final Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally has started from Littlecote House Hotel in North Wiltshire.

This will be the ‘Final Mission’ for the Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally, and the objective for this year’s event will be to raise £1,000,000 for Help for Heroes. The event will follow the path and tell the story of the Allied Invasion through Europe, following the Allied Forces landings in France early on D-Day morning, 6th June 1944.

As with previous years, Hero the Bear will be accompanying Team Techytubbies, who this year have two entrants:

  • Team 22 TechyTubbies WsM
    Peter Harrison and co-driver Nichol Cross, with navigators Rhu and Ami
  • Team 24 TechyTubbies Martock
    Ed Edwards with co-drivers Vicki Edwards and Ryan Peacock

Here is Big Ted making final preparation for Help for Heroes 4×4 European Rally 2015, with team TechyTubbies, with help from Arthur and Hero.

Big Ted and Art with Hero

Big Ted and Art with Hero

To follow the teams’ progress click on the following link to live event tracking using Skytag Eventview and select Team 22 and 24.

Help For Heroes Rally Sets Off

Today the Bears were at Littlecote House Hotel for the start of the 2014 Help for Heroes 4X4 Rally. As usual, Hero the bear is supporting the TechyTubbies, as they follow the rally across Europe. The 2000mile / 3200km expedition will encompass 7 European countries over a period of 13 days; concluding in Bavaria, Germany.

2014 H4H TechyTubbies Set Off

2014 H4H TechyTubbies Set Off

Hero the Bear in Arnhem

As you know, Hero the bear is providing moral support and assistance to the @TechyTubbies Team participating in the Help for Heroes 4X4 Rally. They stayed overnight at Arnhem, close to where the 1st British Airborne Division dropped for Operation Market Garden on 17 September 1944.

Operation Market Garden was launched to shorten the war and save lives but was ultimately unsuccessful. Part of the story is immortalized in the 1977 film directed by Richard Attenborough, A Bridge Too Far

Hero checking out the tent near Arnhem

Hero checking out the tent near Arnhem

Hero can be seen above checking out the security of the tent before settling down for the night.

Find out more about Help for Heroes Rally:

Help for Heroes Rally Sets Off

The bears were privileged to be at the start of the Help for Heroes 4X4 Rally setting off from Littlecote House Hotel, in Berkshire.  The first participants set off at 1130hrs with the teams leaving at 45 second intervals.

As usual, I did the final preparation with team TechyTubbies, with help from Arthur and Hero, while the rest of the bears explored the grounds of Littlecote House Hotel. Unfortunatly they were too busy sampling the food in Oliver’s Bistro, and missed the photographers and the rally start!

Arthur and I waved Hero off with the team, and have been following their progress live via SkyTag GPS
You can follow Team 24 via Live Track H4H 4X4 Rally  ‬

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Preparing for Help for Heroes Rally

Today the Bears and I went on a road trip with Hero, to help him preparing the team Land Rover for the Help for Heroes Rally. This will be setting off on Saturday the 15th June.

Hero will be providing moral support for the TechyTubbies team ‏(Twitter @TechyTubbies) our favorite IT technicians entered in the H4H 4×4 European Rally 2013. The rally follows the path of the the Allied Invasion through Europe following the landing in France early on D-Day morning 6th June 1944.

If you want to find out more about the TechyTubbies you can still sponsor them or follow them via the links below:
Web: techytubbies.com
Twitter: @TechyTubbies
Facebook: TechyTubbies & H4H 4×4 European Rally