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Drive Day 4 Laying the Concrete

Today is concrete day, so we finished off some detailing and waited for the concrete to arrive. As the delivery was later than expected, I entertained the guys from NDC with some beverages and reading tealeaves.

Once the concrete truck arrived it was all mad activity, with me organizing everything to ensure that things were in the right place. The team worked well, and left us with a coloured and imprinted drive.

Finishing off the Shuttering

Day three of the drive rebuild, but the weather forecast is not good, so no concrete pouring today. Instead Ryan and I finished off the shuttering. Here I am during a brief lull in the rain checking the position of the post holders.

Big Ted Checking Post Holders

Big Ted Checking Post Holders

Electricians Second Fix

Today we made some progress on the studio, with the electricians Gavin and Tyler completing most of the second fix electrics.  Of course I helped out and gave them the benefit of my experience. Not much more to go until we have electric power and the bears can get the amps plugged in.

Rendering the Studio

Work is progressing on the studio build, with the top coat of render going on. As usual I was supervising the quality of the work, but the Keith the plasterer achieved an excellent finish.

Render - Big Ted supervising detail

Render – Big Ted supervising detail

Putting on the Scratch Coat

The weather is fine today, so we are back on the building site again. I have been helping plasterers Keith and Mathew putting the first code of render (the scratch coat) on to the new studio. As you can see I get the fine detail done with a specially made bear sized tool. How did you think all those neat lines got there then?

First Fix Wiring and Electrics

Today is first fix electrics, and I went through the specifications with John and Phil the electricians to make sure everything was installed correctly. We need plenty of power when we turn the amps up to eleven!

The bears helped me install some network cabling to make sure we can get a good broadband connection to upload our music and video tracks. Fritz measured and cut the lengths of cable, Angus coiled the tails up in the roof space to keep things tidy, while I pulled through to the wall locations.

Just before the end of work we took delivery of the soundboard for the walls and ceilings.  Those sheets are much heavier than standard plasterboard, in order to absorb the sound as the band rocks on.  My people worked very hard with Barry the builder to move it all in good time.

Big Ted Supervising deliveries

Big Ted Supervising deliveries


Windows in!

Today we fixed the last of the windows, and with the doors in place and glazed the building is almost watertight. After a hard day on site I took some time to bathe in the sunshine and imagine  striking up the first chord!

Windows in! Big Ted relaxing in the sun.

Windows in! Big Ted relaxing in the sun.

Fritz does not care much about the windows being in place; he wandered off saying something like “Give me my Mac any day”!

Studio Roof is Finished

Despite a few interruptions from the rain, today I helped the roofers and my people put the roof tiles on the studio.  There are a lot of tiles, and of course the people did most of the heavy work, while I kept things organized and the project on schedule. We had plenty of tea breaks, and buiscuits to keep up the energy levels!

The view from up top is impressive!

Roof - Big Ted roof all complete

Roof – Big Ted roof all complete

Big Ted on the Gable End

Weather better today so we got stuck into the gable end brickwork. Of course I helped Barry with the pointing, although he did most of the heavy work. Great view from up here on the roof!

Bears in Waiting

Not much has been happening on the new studio site since Mickie the Brickie left, and progress seems to have ground to a halt. According to Scott the builder, we are still waiting for deliveries of doors, windows and roof trusses.  The bears are looking really dejected and forlorn in this picture taken this morning as we wait for someone or something to arrive.

Bears Waiting at the window

Bears Waiting forlornly at the window for Scott the builder

From left to right, that is Angus, Fritz, Pierre, me (Big Ted), Harley, Art and Hero.  I gave them some inspiring words about the virtue of patience, and posted a quote from Napoleon Hill on Twitter.  Patience aside, please hurry up Scott!